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July 16, 2009

Update 3/4/18
My new research methods and applications text published and is available on Amazon as of today. Check it out here! You can also access a Table of Contents here. and download the first chapter for free here.

Welcome to Research Rundowns, a blog intended to simplify research methods in educational settings.  I hope this site can serve as a quick, practical, and more importantly, relevant resource on how to read, conduct, and write research. The contents are an expansion and revision of my class materials, intended for use as a refresher or as a free introductory research methods course. Topics are organized into five main sections, with subsections (in parentheses):

Most subsection contains a non-technical description of the topic, a how-to interpret guide, a how-to set-up and analyze guide using free online calculators or Excel, and a wording results guide. All materials are available for general use, following the Creative Commons License.